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M.A.P.'s  Programs

Summer Theatre Production

The Summer Theater Production is M.A.P.'s largest and most intense program, lasting 5-6 weeks.  Participants go through an audition process, and all are given a role in the production.  For those not interested in being in the spotlight, technical and behind-the-scene positions are available.   Following weeks of instruction, guidance, costuming, set and prop building, and rehearsal, the cast and crew are ready to raise the curtain!


Live Nativity &

Christmas Production

M.A.P. enjoys celebrating the spirit of the season with the community.  For many years, M.A.P. brought a Live Nativity to the Depot District (Bay St.Louis) and St. Thomas Church (Diamondhead).  In December 2021, M.A.P. performed a holiday play, Everyone's Christmas Story, at St. Thomas and at the McLeod State Park's Holiday Festival.

Starship Saturdays

M.A.P. first began with a flagship program called Starship Saturdays.  The goal of the program was to introduce students to elements of the theater through a series of Saturday workshops, resulting in a production.  In a 2019 Starship Saturday workshop series,  students wrote their own play (Mississippi pirate themed) and were responsible for all of the production and design elements.

MAP 3-18 St. Patricks parade.jpg

M.A.P. in the Community

Throughout the years, M.A.P. has  embraced, supported, and partnered with our local community in many ways.  Some of our favorite events have included:

      *riding in the Waveland St. Patrick's Day parade

       *hosting a Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest at the Alice           

                      Moseley Festival

        *decorating Christmas trees for the BSL Library

        *hosting a Frozen Sandman Contest 

        *hosting a Kids' Mardi Gras Ball

        *visiting & performing at local libraries

        *hosting a Talent Show...with cash prizes

So, be on the lookout for M.A.P.-you never know where we will show up!


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