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Summer Theater Workshop

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​Arts Program

MAP unique art program is designed to provide children with an opportunity to explore and develop confidence in their own creativity. It is an ongoing, sequential program. With 9-years of history and is designed to provide an opportunity for children to explore their creativity in a variety of materials.


All children have an innate ability to be creative. The creation of art is a process whereby there are no mistakes. All seeming mistakes can be changed into a desirable result.

We have seen children with special needs, along with others, blossom in these classes. Their confidence ripples back into their regular classroom experience and in the way they relate with other children and adults. It truly changes them and the way they view their world in a very positive way.


Theater Program

The MAP theater program engages with kids from K-12 at camp, we start the camp off with proper stage and performance etiquette. The k-12 participants are separated into groups: vocal, dance, drama, acting, tech once familiar with how to handle the stage.

Every Summer we provide MAP kids with a major Broadway production and an actual audition process. Providing each with the best opportunity for success within his or her age group. Everyone is then cast into appropriate roles and the rehearsal process begins!

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